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Limited Opportunity to provide coverage in a Pharmacy Network focused on Elevating Pharmacist Care as part of a National Primary Health Market Solution.

The Current Situation

A Pharmacy’s direct value is lost within a maze of middlemen. These middlemen represent dominant control of Rx and Rx services and make a greater margin than pharmacies that are necessary to fulfill their obligations.

The challenge lies in market’s consolidating and innovation enabling doing more with less – less pharmacies, less dependence on the local pharmacist resulting in increased control.

A breakdown of top three PBM’s 76% market share, by total equivalent prescription claims:

30% – Caremark (CVS Health) / Aetna

23% – Express Scripts

23% – OptumRx (UnitedHealth)

Source: Becker’s Hospital Review: Top PBMs by market share

Concentrated market share allows pharmacy benefit managers to continue to extract deeper concessions from manufacturers and the rest of the supply chain.

Pharmacy Care is currently defined by middlemen, whereas ERxDirect™ leads a bold patient/payer to patient/buyer shift. Creating clear value directly throughout the pharmaceutical chain; From buyer – to pharmacist – to distribution – and manufacturer.

Our Solution

ERxDirect™ Care


Innovation designed for targeted Intervention and management of complex care.

Employee Health Experience (EHX)™

  • Point of Care Rx
  • Direct Delivery
  • Personalized Management

ClearPrice Rx™

ClearPrice Rx™

Expanded Value to Employers and Channel Partners.

  • Contracting
    • Brand
    • Specialty
    • Generics
    • POC Starter-Dose
  • Predictability on Rx, Lower costs, Better Management
  • Value Based Care Transition

Health In Motion Network™

Health In Motion Network™

  • Thousands of Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Specialty Clinicians securely connected on one platform.
  • One Network, One Contract, Delivering a Consistent Exceptional Employee Health Experience Nationally.
  • T.H.E. APP™ – Total Health Engagement

Elevating an exceptional Network of Pharmacies

Ensures pharmacies as exceptional sites of care in the network. All network pharmacies must have these four distinct qualities:

  1. Accepts appointments with patients for targeted pharmacy care services
  2. Provides exceptional Patient Care Management (PCM); Asthma/COPD-Diabetes-Obesity-Chronic Pain-BP/Cholesterol
  3. Implements collaborative practice agreements and willingness to align with Health In Motion Network™ clinicians for defined patient populations
  4. Readiness for bundled innovation that drives pharmacy compliance for employer direct strategies
    • Incorporating patient centered technology
    • Deploying CareDirect™ virtual health (where applicable)
      • Enhanced consumer engagement
      • Personalized population health
    • Adherence to ClearPrice Rx™ and purchasing/distribution strategies that enhance value for employers and support the Employee Health Experience (EHX)™

Four Pillars Network Qualification

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