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Community Pharmacist centered care

Health in Motion Network – Community Pharmacists

Columbus, OH – 12/31/20 Health in Motion Network (HIMN) has intentionally centered its care platform around the community pharmacist. With over 21,000 community pharmacies nationwide, these front-line providers are increasingly assuming much-needed, expanded responsibility for patient care. Far exceeding the limited role many patients likely presumptively attribute to their pharmacist, [read more]

Doctors Keep Asking Questions

Health in Motion Network – Keep Asking Questions

Columbus, OH – 12/24/20 When asked to comment on the Health in Motion Network (HIMN) evolution, CEO and co-founder Brian Slusser wastes no time in saying, “Our journey is asking questions of ourselves—always.” Currently, the team is actively deploying the HIMN app to its partner pharmacists. Immediately, patients will begin [read more]

Health in Motion Network - Diabetes Facts & Figures

Health in Motion Network – Diabetes Facts & Figures

Columbus, OH – 12/17/20 Diabetes in the United States is no small problem. Over 10 percent of the entire population has diagnosable diabetes, accounting for 34.2 million people. Another 88 million Americans have qualifying prediabetes. In addition to the substantial toll this takes on individual lives, the impact on our [read more]