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About Us

Join the thousands that are already revolutionizing the next generation of pharmacy care through ERxDirect™; aggregating innovation and creating a unified platform of previously disjointed pharmacies as a localized and centralized market force.

What we offer:

Accessible, affordable and high-quality care is achieved when healthcare consumers are connected to the services when and where they need—and require—them.

Our Health In Motion Network™ brings clinicians, pharmacists and specialists to the patient, on their terms and on their time, and their services are integrated with related data and benefits—together through one connected system of healthcare delivery and management.

We use revolutionary delivery and management systems to help keep employee populations healthy and work to address potentially chronic health conditions before they become a problem for the patient. m of healthcare delivery and management.

Who we are ERxDirect™:

We are an organization of business leaders, innovators, clinicians, pharmacists, scientists, engineers and— most of all—healthcare consumers who believe we can simply create a better consumer model for efficient access to quality care. We continually leverage a best-in-class management model built upon adapting and continually improving upon processes, products and services. These improvements are always made through the patient’s lens; i.e. what is going to best serve their unique healthcare needs.

We’ve come from varied backgrounds, but we have a singular focus on building a better gateway for accessing convenient care. Localized and personalized primary health engagement that connects a better path of health management.

Pharmacy Care is currently defined by middlemen, whereas ERxDirect™ leads a bold patient/payer to patient/buyer shift. Creating clear value directly throughout the pharmaceutical chain; From buyer – to pharmacist – to distribution – and manufacturer.

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Contact Us

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